Reasons a Jeep Bumper Should Be Your Next Upgrade

Reasons a Jeep Bumper Should Be Your Next Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading Jeeps, there are so many options to choose from. It’s one of the great things about the brand. However, some upgrades boast both practicality and good looks. Your Jeep’s bumper shouldn’t be overlooked for how useful and important it is to your car’s long-term condition. Let’s take a look at the reasons a Jeep bumper should be your next upgrade.

Protection From the Elements

One of the best parts about owning a Jeep is its off-road capabilities. However, rarely is the factory setup going to keep your truck safe from damage. Getting a strong, heavy-duty bumper can not only protect your Jeep from rocks, trees, and other debris, it also aids in day-to-day driving if the car in front of you decides to stop a little too fast.

Winch Options

When it comes to getting stuck deep in the muck, Jeeps have few equals. Unfortunately, not every situation can be strong-armed. That is where your winch comes in. One of the more common modified Jeep parts is adding that all-important winch for the deepest pits of trouble, whether they be mud, sand, or water. Bumpers with built-in winches are the perfect way to keep your Jeep cruising in even the harshest conditions.

Mount Up

Getting a new bumper can be just the beginning of upgrading your Jeep as it allows you many more options for mounts. Things like D-rings for towing capacity, auxiliary light mounts for extra-powerful headlights, license plate mounts, and accommodations for spare tires can all be added on to your Jeep with the installation of a new, upgraded bumper.

Tire Clearance

If off-roading is your game, you likely already have the best tires you can put on your truck. Adding the right bumper can help you get the most out of those tires. Shorter bumpers can allow for tires to have a greater range of motion, allowing you to climb higher hills and rougher terrain. A sturdy bumper can also push some obstacles out of the way to allow tires a clearer path.

American Modified wants to be your place for all your aftermarket Jeep parts needs. All these reasons for getting a bumper upgrade should have you ready and raring to get back out on the open trails, pushing your Jeep to its absolute limit.

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