The History of the Honda Civic

The History of the Honda Civic
<p>The Honda Civic may not seem like the kind of car that has a fascinating history at first glance. It’s no iconic sports car or famous race car, but it does have its place in history. The history of the Honda Civic may not stretch back as far as some cars, but the history it does have is one of ingenuity and efficiency that we can’t ignore. Because we love the Honda Civic, we decided it was time to dive into its backstory to see what it’s all about.</p>
<h2>Humble Beginnings</h2>
<p>The Honda Civic was released in 1972, amidst the fuel crisis of the 1970s. Many other smaller, more compact cars were having trouble dealing with the higher prices of fuel. All of a sudden, speeding out from Japan, the Honda Civic hit the scene. It boasted impressive specs, as well as fuel efficiency. It was a powerhouse despite being a smaller car, and it only became more of one when its engine was upgraded in 1974.</p>
<h2>Emission Restrictions Bring Innovation</h2>
<p>One of the bigger reasons the Honda Civic became a fantastic car choice was because of the tightening of emission laws that cars now had to follow. The Honda Civic innovated with the Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion engine, which gave it an accolade from the United States’ Environment Protection Agency and named it one of the most fuel-efficient cars of its time.</p>
<h2>Continued Improvements</h2>
<p>The Honda Civic would see many upgrades in the following years including:</p>
<li>Improving handling with better front and back suspension</li>
<li>Increasing safety with more airbags and safety features</li>
<li>Continued expansion of its fuel-efficient capabilities</li>
<li>Hybridization, being one of the first models to introduce the idea</li>
<p>All of these upgrades kept the Civic in a good position in the market. It quickly became a staple car of the American roadways. In 2006, it was named the “North American Car of the Year,” one of the first Japanese made cars to do so.</p>
<h2>Looking To the Future</h2>
<p>The key thing to notice throughout the entire history of the Honda Civic is its focus on being a reliable car with more power than its looks would have you believe. Since its inception, the Honda Civic has outperformed expectations constantly, while not giving up its reliable reputation.</p>
<p>That reputation, and the love that fans of this car have for it, is what makes us enthusiastically provide the best <a href="">Honda Civic performance parts</a> we can create. If you’re among those who understand the incredible potential this vehicle possesses, we’d be glad to help you make it something all your own.</p>
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